Water Accounting Plus


Here you will find links to different videos and recordings of webinars on the topic of water accounting plus, WaPOR and water productivity

New videos showing how to use the FAO Hand in Hand portal to access and analyse WaPOR data

IHE Delft webinar during open education week 2023

QGIS Open Day 2023. Monitoring crop water productivity in the Mitidja plain, Algeria using FAO WaPOR data and QGIS by Zoubida Nemer

Featuring the WaPOR OpenCourseWare

WaPOR, QGIS and MerginMaps

Recording of the webinar hosted by TagNG on Bringing WaPOR data to the field with QGIS and MerginMaps by Associate professor Hans van der Kwast.

As part of the ADB project, two webinars were organized in collaboration with ADB in November 2020, one on water productivity and one on water accounting. Read event snapshot here. The reports of the case studies presented in the webinars can be found here.

Part 2: Improved Decision-Making for Water Security Using Water Accounting

The webinar introduced the concept of water accounting and the Water Accounting Plus (WA+) methodology, and provided examples on how water accounting can be used in decision-making, noting different ADB case studies part of the two phases of water accounting work done since 2017. Lastly, a vision for the future of remote sensing-based water accounting was presented.


Part 1: Increasing Agricultural Production Using Water Productivity

During the webinar, IHE Delft and IWMI shared the outcomes of their water productivity measurement work. They introduced the concept and methodology of remote sensing-based water productivity, showcasing the results of three water productivity studies and examples of how water productivity results can impact decision-making.