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WaPOR for Agricultural Water Productivity

WaPOR4Awp: a dashboard for estimating agricultural water productivity to support monitoring SDG indicator 6.4.1 using WaPOR data

WaPOR4Awp is a dashboard that visualizes agricultural water productivity data  for countries in Africa and the Near-East. It supports the monitoring of SDG indicator 6.4.1 - Change in Water Use Efficiency (CWUE), which is the change in the ratio of the value added to the volume of water use, over time. Read more about the methodology of calculating CWUE.

The dashboard presents data generated using an alternative approach to estimate water use efficiency in the agricultural sector using the FAO's WaPOR database. Instead of estimating irrigation water withdrawals, the concept uses blue water consumption or ETblue as a proxy for irrigation water withdrawals. The indicators is renamed as agricultural water productivity in USD/m3. The advantage of calculating agricultural water productivity compared to agricultural water use efficiency is that blue water consumption can be estimated using remote sensing data and updated annually.

This dashboard was developed as part of the second phase of the WaPOR project 

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