Water Accounting Plus

MOOC Water Accounting and Auditing

Course started 1 August 2022, but you can join any time and do the assignments at your own pace!

The courses are available here in English and French


The Course “MOOC Water Accounting and Auditing” has been developed in the framework of the regional project “Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Water Efficiency/ Productivity and Sustainability in the Near East and North Africa WEPS-NENA” implemented by FAO, and funded by the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency. The main objective of this course is to increase knowledge about water accounting and auditing. After completing this course, participants will understand how to conduct a water accounting analysis and how water auditing can improve decision making around water management and water governance.

Course outline and modules

The course starts with two introductory modules, followed by two different tracks according to the participants’ interests:

Track A: Technical track targeting participants who are interested the technical aspects, application, modelling and analysis of Water Accounting Plus (WA+).

Track B: Policy track targeting participants interested in policy making allowing them to assess implications of water accounting in decision making and when proposing new policy or governance changes in the water sector.

The course is available in English and French

For whom?

This Massive Open Online Course on water accounting and auditing targets a wide range of water professionals, including technical users and policy makers who are working in the water resources management and related fields and have an interest to learn how water accounting can improve water management at the local level. This MOOC is divided into two tracks to fit the needs of different participants. Participants can choose to follow either track or both tracks.

Dates and Fee Start/end:

Registration open: 12 July 2022

Course starts: 1 August 2022

The course is free to attend and is an open online, self-paced course. Participants can enroll at any time and complete the course on their own schedule. A reliable internet connection is required. A certificate of completion can be obtained after completing all assignments. 


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