Water Accounting Plus

MOOC Python for Geospatial analyses using WaPOR data

IHE Delft and FAO are proud to announce the launch of our new MOOC on 'Python for Geospatial analyses using WaPOR data'

This course covers an essential skill of python scripting for researchers and practitioners who handle (spatial) data in their work/research. Scripting allows better control, automation, and processing of data using command line tools and Python libraries. Learn how to do spatial and temporal aggregation and calculate zonal statistics. The applications use WaPOR data and are targeted for researchers and practitioners in the agricultural and water sector. 

The course contains three modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Command Line Interface and GDAL
  • Module 2: Introduction to Python
  • Module 3: Using Python Libraries for Handling WaPOR Data

Course is free and self-paced, participants can start any time and after successfully completing all assignments obtain a certificate. Course is available starting May 2024.

All scripts are also available on our github page (repository WaPORMOOC)

How to enrol: Log in with your IHE OCW account then click on "Enrol me" under Self-enrolment option. If you don't have IHE OCW account yet, click on "Create new account". Complete the Sign-up form then log in with your new account. 

It is recommended to follow the course 'Introduction to WaPORv3' before starting this course, which provides updated materials for the latest version of WaPOR (version 3), including running the Download_WaPORv3_Data script needed for the tutorials and exercises in the Python course.