Water Accounting Plus


pyWaPOR is an algorithm for generating high resolution WaPOR datasets. It can be used to calculate evaporation, transpiration, interception, relative rootzone soil moisture and net primary production maps. © Copyright 2022, FAO.

pyWaPOR is based on the ETLook model developed by eLEAF in 2010. ETLook is the model that has been used to create the data in the FAO WaPOR database. WaPOR data comes near real time and in different resolutions, with a global coverage of 300m resolution (WaPOR L1).  For several irrigated areas, high resolution data (WaPOR L3) is also available. However, for many areas, high resolution data is not readily available. With pyWaPOR, it is now possible to generate high resolution data for other areas.

For more information check out the pyWaPOR page on the FAO WaPOR website

Here you find some additional information and resources for running pyWaPOR. 

IHE Delft also offers in person capacity building on pyWaPOR in our short course Remote Sensing for Agricultural Water Management, next edition 3-14 March 2025.